The IUB 2030 Strategic Plan

For more than 200 years, the faculty, staff, and students of IU Bloomington have shaped a campus marked by academic rigor and creative excellence across a vast array of fields and disciplines. IU Bloomington is as globally recognized for excellence in arts, music, and humanities as it is for business, social sciences, and cutting-edge scientific innovation. From education to law to media to health sciences, IU Bloomington is a leading producer of scholarship and graduates who engage confidently with the nuanced complexity of their fields in an ever-changing world. This legacy of academic strength exists within a campus environment that provides robust student support and opportunity; continues to push for increased diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the campus; and has a legacy of preparing students for fulfilling lives and careers.

These strengths, and many others, form a vibrant campus culture that has rightfully earned a place among the finest in all American higher education.

The goals, metrics, and objectives outlined in this plan draw on the deep well of existing distinction across the campus, creating promising opportunities for increasing student success and opportunity and transformative research and creativity, and bolstering our impact in Indiana and beyond.

To lead boldly through today’s resource-constrained environment across public higher education, the IUB 2030 plan assumes collective fiscal responsibility and encourages entrepreneurial and innovative opportunities to generate additional revenue necessary to achieve our ambitions.

The plan assumes the continuation of IUB’s historic strengths as a baseline for the future ability to pursue and prioritize new areas of need identified by the IUB community and the communities we serve, while fostering the interdisciplinarity and collaboration necessary to achieve these new and expanded goals – all ensuring that IUB’s legacy as one of the nation’s leading public research university campuses only continues to flourish and evolve.

Seven core principles shaped the development of IU 2030:

  • Respect for IU’s rich history: A legacy of academic and research excellence as Indiana’s flagship public university.
  • Focus on innovation: A willingness to seize new opportunities to better our world.
  • Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion: An appreciation of IU’s rich diversity and a community culture that respects diverse identities and perspectives.
  • Insatiable quest for knowledge: An ever-present wonder and curiosity about creating new knowledge and impact.
  • Culture of respect and integrity: A welcoming environment of mutual respect where students, faculty, and staff from every corner of the world are embraced as Hoosiers.
  • Pursuit of excellence: An inherent drive for excellence in all that IU and its faculty, staff, and students undertake.
  • Focus on fiscal responsibility: A recognition of our responsibility to carefully steward resources in support of strategic plan goals.