Updates on IUB 2030 progress

Since the beginning of the fall semester, the IUB 2030 Executive Leadership Team has taken important steps to drive collaboration with the Bloomington Staff Council, academic units, administrative offices, the Bloomington Faculty Council, student groups, and community partners to move forward IUB's strategic plan.

Individuals and operational teams—including many who were part of the original planning working groups—have been assigned IUB 2030 goals, objectives, and metrics and are advancing progress on them. During this phase when teams are coming together and beginning their work, broad participation from across campus is critical to our success.

Teams are also collaborating with Institutional Analytics to construct a dashboard that ensures timely measurement of progress and transparency around the process.

Previous progress updates

Advancing IUB 2030

December 13, 2023

A reflective look at what plan progress to date means for members of the campus community. student success takes a total team effort.

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Advising, redesigned

October 9, 2023

IUB works to optimize academic advising for student success.  

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Support from every angle

Ensuring student success takes a total team effort.  

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Moving from ideas to action

The IU Bloomington 2030 strategic plan now has a full implementation plan.  

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Implementation moves forward

After a summer full of Executive Leadership Team meetings, a draft implementation framework is close to finalization.

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Summer growth

Progress continues on key priorities for IUB, including implementation of the IUB 2030 strategic plan.

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Designing the game plan

The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) has commenced the development of a plan for the implementation structure of the IUB 2030 strategic plan.

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